Master Tung Acupuncture


There are a variety of acupuncture systems practiced around the world.  The key is to find the styles and techniques that produce the best results.  One style known to have rapid results with a minimal number of treatments needed is Tung Style Acupuncture.  This system holds a high position in the acupuncture circles of Taiwan and Mainland China.


 It is quite different from the TCM style of acupuncture that is practiced in the China and widely taught in the majority of Acupuncture colleges throughout the world

 Tung Style Acupuncture employs points that are quite different from those found on the standard 12 meridians. In this system, points chosen for the treatment are located mostly on the arms and legs and at a distance from the site of pain or pathology. In addition, the number of needles required to successfully change the course of any given ailment is fewer than in most current TCM acupuncture texts.

 In conclusion, Tung Acupuncture is a unique and very effective form of authentic Chinese Medicine.  At Kerikeri Centre Of Balance, I use Tung Style acupuncture, in combination or as a stand alone treatment helping to give my clients fast results and a comfortable treatment.

 With over 20 years of experience I combine Tung Acupuncture with Balance Method Acupuncture, Abdominal Acupuncture,  Korean Hand Acupuncture, the use of Tui Na ( Chinese Medical Body Work ) Cupping and Moxibustion for best results.