Moxibustion / Moxa


The Chinese word for Acupuncture is Zhen Jiu, which translates into English as needle therapy and moxa therapy, therefore in my opinion Acupuncture ( Zhen Jiu ) can be translated as Acumoxa Therapy.


 Moxibustion is the therapeutic method of applying the stimulation of warmth and heat generated by the burning of a special herb ( Artemisa Vulgaris or commonly known as Mugwort ) near or on acupuncture points. 

 This process allows heat to penetrate the acupuncture channels and hence influence energy and blood circulation. 

 According to Traditional Chinese Medical theory certain conditions accumulate external cold and damp from the environment. This can cause stiffness, weakness and pain. The use of moxa warms these areas to encourage improved circulation.

There are many ways moxa can be applied and used, a few examples.

Moxibustion stick - used over the acupoint / area to produce a localized warming affect.

Moxa on top of a needle - to enhance the therapeutic effect alongside the placement of acupuncture needles.


Mini Moxa Cones - Often used during the application of Korean Hand Therapy / Acupuncture.

For any condition that is relieved through warmth the use of Moxibustion is indicated. I also stock a range of warming Herbal Plasters that can be applied to the specific area of discomfort, feel free to ask me what products may be of assistance.